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Article: Personalise Your Leather Aprons

Customize Your Professional Leather Apron with Logo & Text

Personalise Your Leather Aprons

When it comes to making a lasting impression in the world of culinary, presentation matters. A leather apron personalized with your own logo or text is not just an accessory; it's a statement. At ChefsCotton, we offer the opportunity to elevate your professional image by adding your unique touch to our professional leather aprons. Whether you're an aspiring chef, a skilled barkeeper, or simply someone who values quality and needs a cool leather apron when heating up the Kamado grill.

Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We offer two distinct techniques to ensure that your logo or text becomes an integral part of your leather apron, never fading or losing its crispness over time.

Laser Engraving: Precision Meets Durability

With our cutting-edge laser engraving service, your logo or text is etched directly into the leather. This technique enables us to reproduce even intricate details with exceptional clarity and precision. The result is a beautiful, burned-in logo that not only maintains its sharpness but also adds an air of sophistication to your apron.

Embossing: The Epitome of Elegance

For larger quantities exceeding 10 aprons, we recommend our embossing technique. Here's how it works: we create a custom metal embossing stamp of your logo, which we apply to the leather with heat. This process imparts an authentic, tactile quality to your logo, giving your apron a timeless charm. The embossing stamp can be used repeatedly for future orders, making it a cost-effective choice for ongoing customization needs.

Choose your color

Our customization options extend beyond the method of application. You can choose from various color options to suit your style and preference:

  • Black Engraving

    Ideal for all leather colors except black, this choice ensures clear and subtle branding.
    Leather apron engraving black
  • Copper Engraving

    Hand-painted in copper, this option adds a touch of elegance and clarity, especially on darker leather.

    Leather apron engraving copper

  • Gold Engraving

    Make your logo pop with gold, enhancing the overall look of your leather apron.
    Leather apron engraving gold

  • White Engraving

    Create a stunning contrast on darker leather with white engraving, ensuring every detail is clear and legible.
    Leather apron engraving white

  • Natural Engraving

    The color of your logo will naturally complement the leather's shade, offering a discreet yet refined branding.

    Leather apron engraving natural

Specialized Engravings

In addition to logo or text customization, we offer unique options:

  • Metal Tag Engraving

    Personalize each metal tag with a name, ideal for branding aprons in a professional kitchen or workshop.
    Leather apron engraving metal tag

  • Towel Strap Engraving

    Customize the leather towel strap with a name, adding a personal touch to your apron's functionality.
    Leather apron engraving towels trap

Embossing for Quantity

For quantities exceeding 10 pieces, our embossing service is a cost-effective choice. We craft a metal embossing stamp of your logo and apply it to the leather for an authentic look and feel that stands the test of time.

Leather apron embossing

Enlarged Logos

To accommodate various logo sizes and shapes, we offer customization in three standard sizes: 12 x 9cm, 9 x 12cm, or 10 x 10cm. However, if you desire a larger imprint, simply select your apron from our webshop, upload your logo, and place your order. Our skilled graphic designers will collaborate with you to finalize the design.

Need some help or more advice about our leather aprons or customize options? Feel free to contact us for more info.

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